[World Book Day] The Books That Shaped My Childhood Years


This year in celebration of World Book Day, I am joining up with lots of other bloggers to chat about the books that shaped our childhoods! I’ve been trying to think back to books that impacted me or that I loved at all stages of growing up, and here are 10 of the most memorable books that I read and loved as a child! Go check out the previous post in this series by the lovely Becca Fowell and if you follow the hashtag #UKYAWBD2020 on Twitter you’ll see new posts every 30 mins all day!

frog princess

The Frog Princess by E.D. Baker

This was the inspiration behind Disney’s The Princess and the Frog (but don’t get me started on the differences, and how much better the book is!) and I ADORED it as a kid! It was probably the most read and reread book I had growing up. It was the first fairytale retelling I read and definitely kicked off and lifelong love.

princess diaries

The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot

This is probably still one of my very favourite series in the whole world, and I have been known to pick these up and reread even as an adult when in need of some comfort. They were so much fun, and another you shouldn’t talk to me about the film of! Michael was done dirty…

wee free men

The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett

If you asked me where my love of fantasy started, it would probably be with Terry Pratchett here. Tiffany Aching was the role model I needed growing up and she instilled in me the burning desire to be a witch!

angus thongs

Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison

If you’re a Brit who grew up in the 00s, then this most likely the series you and all your friends were absolutely obsessed with. It was hilarious and we adopted all of the slang from this series into our conversations! I’m sure you’d still hearing me say things that came from this series accidentally!


Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

Okay, we all know the reputation of Twilight, but I was part of the real wave of Twihards. I was 10-14ish when the books films were coming out so I was so caught up in it and thought this was the best series ever. I’ve been meaning to reread these as an adult and see how I feel about it now! Just so you know, I was Team Edward. VERY committedly Team Edward!


The Naughtiest Girl in the School by Enid Blyton

I went through an old fashioned Enid Blyton phase where I just wanted to go to a boarding school and have midnight feasts with my group of awfully posh friends, all speaking the Queen’s English. This series of books were so much fun and I really loved the terrible antics that Elizabeth got up to! I definitely secretly wished I could be that naughty.

the bear

The Bear by Raymond Briggs

I’m closing out this list with the first book I remember having an influence on me, and that is The Bear by Raymond Briggs. You probably know The Snowman from this author, and this is in the same style as that book but I just fell in love with this book as a young child. It’s a picture book and it was always my favourite from day 1 – it’s about a young girl who finds that a polar bear has climbed through her window to be her friend. She has to hide it from her parents and look after it, and it’s just so beautiful. Polar bears have always been my favourite animals and I’m pretty sure this book is 90% responsible for that.

bear cuddle

Thank you all for joining me today to celebrate World Book Day! Please go and check out the next post from my lovely friend Amy over at Amy’s Bookish Life, going live at 4pm!


3 thoughts on “[World Book Day] The Books That Shaped My Childhood Years

  1. I read and re-read The Princess Diaries series so much as a teen! And the film not really doing Michael justice is why I always ignored that first one and just watched the second film.

    I’m also probably one of the only ones who didn’t read the ‘Angus Thongs’ books. I know they were popular but they weren’t in line with my reading tastes back then which was poetry, anything related to animals, Northern Lights, or Artemis Fowl.


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