Thoughts I Had While Reading ‘Throne of Glass’

Hello all! I think I am officially the last person on the planet not to have read the ‘Throne of Glass’ series by Sarah J. Maas. Well, the last person in the YA book community, anyway! I’ve been craving a new fantasy series to get really stuck into and obsessed with, so I decided it was right about time that I picked up the first book, and you guys wanted to hear my reactions! So, as I was reading I wrote down thoughts and snippets of what was running through my head, and you can read them all here!

Page 30

Okay so I’m 30 pages in, I’ve decided that I’m going to stick with it and see it through. I’ve read the first couple of chapters of this before and I just wasn’t into it, but my attention has been caught this time around. Celaena is dirty, yet sexy – that’s about what I’ve learnt so far. Physically dirty, covered in mud. Yet sexually attractive. Much has been said about this. I’m also getting Rhen/Grey vibes from Chaol and Dorian, though ToG came before ACSDAL, so maybe I got Chaol/Dorian vibes from Rhen and Grey?

Page 50

Dorian has that major Daddy issues Prince trope going on and I am LIVING. I am already trash for this book and just living my best life reading it.

Page 55

Celaena visiting the palace library is a girl after my own heart – I adore how much this deadly assassin loves books.

Page 57


100 Page Mark – Initial Thoughts

I really like that this book isn’t doing that typical YA thing where girls hate other girls (cough cough Clary). Celaena just met and interesting woman and said that she was wrong to thing she couldn’t be friends with other women, and that’s pretty cool. I’m liking Celaena so far, she has a lot of banter and is pretty cool.

A lot of the tropes of the world feel quite typical so far – evil tyrannical king is running kingdoms to the ground and young prince disagrees with him. Many thoughts of rebellion – I’m willing to hold out judgement though because I know I’ve got 7 books ahead of me so there’s plenty of time for that one dimensional tropey plot to flesh out.

Page 102

Hmmmm okay, Chaol is being problematic and I’m not here for it. I WAS STARTING TO LIKE YOU??

Page 130

THE SEXUAL TENSION! Gah, I love it. How many times can we substitute the word ‘sword’ for ‘penis’ before someone acknowledges it?

Page 146/7

Celaena is putting that man in his PLACE, no matter if he is a prince. I am loving Celaena, she’s a girl after my own heart.

Page 184

Historic king GAVIN??? Really???? In England, Gavin is the sort of name you’d come across if you called a plumber or electrician. Certainly not someone who has a legendary sword… Though I’m sure they’d say they do over a pint with the lads. I feel like Sarah J. Maas has just googled ‘welsh names’ and picked one without considering the connotations where the name is actually from. There are plenty of forgotten old Welsh names that are wonderful, yet she picked GAVIN? I told my family this and they all laughed.  A lot. The legendary sword of Gavin has become a meme in my house.

Page 290

I’ve not updated for a while now, cause I am SO INTO IT. I’m usually not a huge fan of love triangles, but this tension between Celaena, Dorian and Chaol is addicting! I think it’s because they’re not actually competing for her, she’s just getting to know them both and they’re both so intriguing in their own way. I’m just really loving the character dynamics here. It’s really subtle and slow-building and I’m lapping it up.

Page 350

Okay, we’re at the final duel now and Celaena better have this shit. I will not have my gal beaten by some weak ass man who steals his strength from other people (if that’s not a metaphor for all high powered men, I don’t know what is. Down with the patriarchy.) BITCH, YOU GOT THIS!

DONT DRINK FROM THE FUCKING GOBLET THAT THE BITCH GAVE YOU! Sigh. Why can’t characters ever see it coming? Why must these terrible things happen??

Oh good. Magic ghost lady to the rescue.

Page 371

Dorian is a precious little baby. Too good for this world. I stg if this man goes all Tamlin on me, I’ll be about ready to do some murder.

Page 390

The king. The duke. SO MUCH CAHOOTING. This is all rather intriguing… good thing I already have Crown of Midnight on my shelves.

Final Thoughts

Alrighty, so, I finished one of the most hyped YA books ever and (as with ACOTAR) it did NOT disappoint. These characters and this plot is so addicting, I cannot wait to carry on with the series (in fact, I am already reading Crown of Midnight as I write this). The thing with Sarah J. Maas is that I am under no illusions that she is the best writer ever, or even that her writing is particularly good. A lot of her dialogue and particularly Celaena’s internal monologue, is very cringey. However, Maas just knows how to write addicting characters and gripping plots. I’ve loved all her books so far, despite none of them being particularly well written prose. There’s just an element to them that is so delectable and consumable, and honestly just so much fun. I know that her books aren’t diverse enough, and hopefully she’ll learn from that criticism and her next series will be a more sophisticated, balanced series but I think she doesn’t deserve the hate her books get. I’m looking forward to the rest of this series, and looking forward to what else SJM has to come!

7 thoughts on “Thoughts I Had While Reading ‘Throne of Glass’

  1. I really love the characters that Sarah J Maas writes and totally agree that her writing is not always the best and I think her lack of diversity is questionable but her stories are so intriguing and immersive, it’s hard not to love them! I am definitely going to reread the first 4 books so I can finish the rest of the series! I really want to know what happens to these characters! I hope you love the rest of the series!

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  2. I had so much fun reading this book and reading this post brought it all back. It was so fun reading your updates and some had me laughing. This is such an awesome post and really captures a lot of the things I was thinking whilst reading it😊

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  3. Well, personally, I like the writing, but yes, her books don’t deserve all this hate. There are so many authors out there also writing great books that lack diversity but it seems that SJM gets all the hate. I’m actually thinking of rereading this series this month, I just love these characters so much💗

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