My Bookish Favourites #1!

Hi all! We’ve all seen those videos that beauty and fashion YouTubers do, where they talking about their recent favourite. I’m going to do take on that today with my bookish favourites! Don’t confuse this with a list of my favourite books, no, this is the things relating to reading and books that I have been loving this quarter. I was thinking I’ll update this every 3 months throughout the year!

1. Reading in the Bath

Throughout the winter when it is FREEZING in my house, reading in the bath has been one of my favourite things to do. Whenever I couldn’t get warm, I’d run a nice hot bath and just relax. It’s also great because I’m too scared to use my phone in the bath and there are no other distractions around me, so its one of the times when I get some of my best reading done. Often if I’m finding a book a bit slow, and I just need to make some good progress, I’ll jump in the bath and read with no distractions!

2. Homemade Bookish Accessories

As much as I love the gorgeous bookish shops that are about, I’m really crafty, so I’ve been loving taking quotes that mean a lot to me, or are from books I’ve been loving and turning them into bookmarks! I’ve also sewn a few book sleeves now which I’ve also really enjoyed doing. Combining books and crafts is one of my favourite things!

3. Humongous Brick Books

I used to be really scared and intimidated by gigantic books, but recently I’ve been loving books that are 600-800ish pages long. They definitely no longer intimidate me! I just read the Priory of the Orange Tree and absolutely adored it. It wouldn’t have been nearly as good if it were half as long and split into a duology. There was just so much time to get to know characters and for the plot to develop, SO GOOD. Other books like Queen of Air and Darkness and ACOMAF/ACOWAR have definitely contributed to this too. I’ll definitely be reading more giant fantasies in teh future!

4. Epic Fantasy Game Soundtracks

When I’m reading, I often feel (especially with high fantasy) that I want to be completely immersed in the world and I want to shut out my surroundings. I’d tried listening to classical music and study playlists etc to do this, but when its an epic fantasy battle scene, that vibe doesn’t really go. So, I enlisted my brothers who are big gamers to tell me some game soundtracks with great music so I can shut out the world with hours worth of fantasy music designed to keep you totally immersed in the world. My personal favourites were Skyrim and The Witcher 3.

5. Book Breeze

I’ve also really been loving the app Book Breeze! It’s kind of like a simpler version of Bookly, if you know what that is, but MUCH cheaper. Basically, it’s a reading tracker! It will time your reading sessions, count your pages, give you your reading speed, tell you how long it will take you to finish a book etc. It has graphs that track your time and pages read. If you love stats, or if you want to be help accountable for your reading a bit more, or you just want to keep track of what you’ve been reading, then you should totally get it! It’s free to download and the free version works fine, you just have a few lesser features. If you did want the full version, it is only a one-time fee of £3.99 (Bookly charge more than that for only a single month!)

There we have it! Those were my top 5 favourite bookish things for the first few months of this year. Please let me know what your favourites are, and what you think of the things on this list!

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