[Quick Review] Potkin and Stubbs by Sophie Green

potkin and stubbsTitle: Potkin and Stubbs
Author: Sophie Green
Release Date: 7th March 2019
Genre: Middle Grade
Rating: 5 stars

“In the corrupt metropolis of Peligan City, Lil Potkin, a determined young reporter, is on the lookout for a scoop. One rainy night she meets Nedly, the ghost of a boy that no one else can see. Nedly has been looking for someone to believe in him ever since the investigation into his disappearance went cold. When they discover that his death is connected to a series of mysterious murders, Lil and Nedly set out to expose those responsible, with the help of a down-on-his luck private investigator, who might hold a clue to Lil’s hidden past.”

The Characters:

➺ Lil Potkin: Young aspiring detective who can’t resist sticking her nose in and getting to the bottom of a mystery. I really liked her, she was definitely the kind of character I would have wanted to be friends with as a kid.

➺ Nedly Stubbs: Ned is a sweet lad who has suffered an untimely demise. In his ghostly form, he befriends Lil to get her help in solving his own murder.

➺ Abe Mandrel: Abe is a down on his luck, former detective. Now employed as a PI on Ned’s case but facing a dead end in his investigation, Lil’s (somewhat unwelcome) friendship is what helps him get back on his feet to solve the murder. They’re relationship was really heartwarming.

The Good:

➺ Potkin and Stubbs feels like dark crime noir for kids. The atmosphere is dreary and dark and so, so cool. I’ve never read something like this as a middle grade!

➺ This feels like the kind of book many authors wouldn’t even think to write because they’d assume that an eerie crime novel is not for kids – Sophie threw that assumption out the window and has written something that so many children will find cool and just a little bit scary.

➺ There is this really dark supernatural element to this book, which adds that magical element to make this book really exciting. It takes a really grown up feeling story and just adds this thrilling twist.

➺ Abe is shown as an older guy who is clearly struggling mentally and unable to look after himself. This shows a fully grown man as someone who needs a friend and some compassion – a lesson that I think is important for kids to learn. Adults are people too and sometimes they need a little extra help and some kindness to get back on their feet.

➺ I loved the cast of characters, I loved the really classic mystery, I loved the spooky supernatural element.

The Bad:

➺ Literally nothing I can think of!


This was a great story, definitely a new middle grade favourite. Really looking forward to seeing what’s next for these characters!


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