City of Ghosts Review!

TITLE: City of Ghosts AUTHOR: Victoria Schwab PUBLICATION DATE: 6th September 2018 PUBLISHER: Scholastic MY RATING: 4 Stars! "Ever since Cass almost drowned (okay, she did drown, but she doesn't like to think about it), she can pull back the Veil that separates the living from the dead . . . and enter the world … Continue reading City of Ghosts Review!

Sea Witch Review!

TITLE: Sea Witch AUTHOR: Sarah Henning PUBLICATION DATE: 31st July 2018 PUBLISHER: HarperCollins MY RATING: 3.5 Stars! "Everyone knows what happens in the end. A mermaid, a prince, a true love’s kiss. But before that young siren’s tale, there were three friends. One feared, one royal, and one already dead. Ever since her best friend, … Continue reading Sea Witch Review!